Zomato, Swiggy – Sharing my grub???

May it be any aggregator, they are out to earn money from their business. Why should they be servicing you, free of charge, by delivering your grub at your doorstep, any odd hour of the day, night or past midnight!

According to informed sources, these agencies get a share of 30% of your bill amount.

So far, no issues; after all it is a win win situation for all. You don’t have to travel to the eating joint for picking up your food, thereby avoiding the cost of transport similarly, the eating house as well as the aggregator, both get business as well as profits from the service they provide.

But we are the ones, who lose! Go to any of the eating houses where the boys of these agencies are crowding the counters, waiting to pick up their orders. You are the odd man out, come to pick up your own grub. Inside the kitchen of the eating house, neither the chef nor the packer knows that it’s your own grub. You are handed the same quantity and quality, which is made available to the delivery boys of different agencies. This results in your food having become 30 % more expensive, than it had been earlier when the eating house was not patronizing these delivery agencies.

A solution is necessary in the interest of consumers. Either the quantity of each food item is fixed by the eateries or their associations; or eating houses should set up separate counters for customers, not coming through these agencies.

During this era of start-ups, it will be a good idea if new ventures are initiated for genuine customers only, without involving the home delivery services!!! 

  • A K DUA