I sent a letter to God
To know who I really was
Am I a boy or a girl
For what I felt
Was something wrong

Yor are a boy
The world told me
While a girl
In my inner soul called me

Dressed in my mom’s saree
With the make up on
I felt so happy
For what I loved it was

Slapped by my father
And thrown out of my home
For I was really confused
What had I done wrong

Felt so embarrased
And left alone
As my identity
Was always looked upon

Roamed on the streets
And begged for food
Till my own people
Took me at their home

The family felt shame
For such child born
Was brutely beaten
For behaving like girls at home

My parents didnt search me
For I was dead for them
For being born as someone
They never wished for

Born from the same womb
Still ill treated
Can someone tell me
What my sin was ?

Love from the transgenders
Was more than my family
For taking me in their arms
And making me live
The way I want.

It really doesnot matter
The womb from where you are born
What mattters is
The people who accept you
The way you are born

When i died
It was god
Who asked me
How my life was

With an angry face
I again asked God
What had he made me
For not being accepted at my home

With a smile on his face
What he replied was
You were just like others
Just out of peoples thought

The people couldnot understand
It was their fault
They ill treated you
And will repent for

Princess Fajardo

Written by