The voice of the stage

A stage, a mere periphery when put into use by like-minded and creative people who have the zeal to bring about a change in the society can have the potential to break through the binaries and bring one into a world of ambiguity and paradox. It can hold the power to explode the heart and open up other energetic capacities. To transport, translate and transcend into a world of unknown, a world left for you to explore.

Theatre was created to tell the truth about life, as a safe space to expand your imaginations, an instrument to make your thoughts heard and let your emotions run free. It does not differentiate, whether you are a performer living someone else’s life on the stage or a viewer experiencing their lives with them, through them, this medium of art has always been full of limitless possibilities. Contrary to the experience of watching a pre-recorded movie where the actors have had unlimited re-takes, where the set, lights and sound all seem to be in harmony and in favour of the ongoing scenes, watching a live play being told to you by actors within a few feet from the audience, conversing right in front of you and improvising on the spot if something goes wrong is a whole different experience altogether. The way it is said that no two snowflakes are the same, in the same way no two performances of the same play are the same.

Just in the way a movie set requires a whole production crew, make up artists, musical artists, assistant directors and directors, in the same way, the theatre industry also calls for such professionals in order to put on a smooth and successful show. Unlike the screen, the stage has no room for error or a rewind button which according to me, teaches one a lot about life since even in life there are very chances to take back something that we have said or done.

Venturing into theatre has been one of the best experiences which I have got till now, it has not only shaped me to be the person that I am today but has also helped me in understanding the different lives of the people living in the society. Our country, being so diverse in it’s nature, we at times are confined to interacting with similar people and do not get a chance to understand the differences in cultures and lifestyles of other people. It has given me a greater depth of understanding and a certain type of maturity for which I will be forever grateful. The responsibility of enacting a certain kind of character, who is completely different from myself and doing justice to it without offending the culture or background which the playwright had imagined is the most important task of an actor. We have to dwell deep into their lifestyle, into every little thing, from their walk to the way they talk. After such comprehensive and exhaustive observations and inculcating it into our own being at times takes a toll on a person. There have been a lot of occasions when I had mixed my personality with that of the character, when their traits had merged with mine but overcoming this and again finding my own true self through them has always been a challenging yet delightful journey. And this growth in a person and character also shows on the stage to the audience. An actor who actually feels the emotions of the character he or she is enacting can only make the person sitting in the audience feel the same emotions, it is only when acting is not seen as acting that magic is created on the stage.