The voice of a surrogate

Womb on rent
(The voice of a surrogate)

When all the hopes come to an end
People pray ,for god fulfills their desires
And then comes a childless couple With no more spark in their life
Where surrogates act as god and their only hope

So here is the voice of a surrogate
What she feels and goes through while giving birth to someone’s child who may never know who has given birth to him

Yes I am  surrogate
The  beacon of hope in your life
By living away from my own child
I am here to sparkle your life

Oh wait I am in dilemma
For what should I say
Is it your child or my child
Strikes my mind everyday

Yes I do take money
For giving birth to the child
But what about his heartbeats
That won’t get out of my mind

Society looks up with contempt
Harsh words are spoken by them
Criticize me by calling a baby factory
What more worse can be said by them

The job that I do
Is  bit beyond their ken
I enlighten someone’s life
When all their hopes end

The day I think of the child being departed
I get completely broken down
I know you are  desperate
To take the child to your town

Carrying a heavy heart
I give away the child
With tears rolling down my eyes
Only to see their faces smile

The pain that I undergo
Doesnt matter to people
The way I am a blessing for you
Is nothing of concern for the people

But is it really wrong to be a blessing to someone
Is it really wrong to enlighten someone’s life
To say yes to people who see you as the only hope in their life

Yes I do give my womb on rent
This is what people say
Isn’t it just ridiculous
Seeing fun of a human body being made

The society no more matters me
Whatever they may say
What I know is that
I fullfill someone’s dream anyway

Children with the abnormalities
Treated as defective products
Find their place in orphanages
With no laws for parents’ misconduct

Womb is treated as an empty vessel
And child as a saleable commodity
With the price of it fixed
Only for the genetic similarity

Renting a womb is not wrong
For some regulations are required
A benefit of both the parties
Money for one and for other a dream acquired

Princess Fajardo

Written by