Prostitution- The paid rape

Bagnio, red light districts, bordello
Whatever you may call it
A hell for the women
Or blessing in disguise you may call it

The oldest profession
Have you ever wondered about
Where women are caged
And like disposables are thrown around

The lady of the night
Or the prostitute or streetwalker
Whatever you may say
Hidden in the red lights districts
Is the darkness and pain
Where for a female body men do pay

The homeless, poor and the helpless ones
Forced to enter this business
Give up the price for their body
Ignorning the invitation to diseases

The pimps make up their money
Earning much more for the glamorous one
We need young and beautiful ladies
Who will fullfill the taste of our special ones

Caught between the devil and deep sea
Seeing no option around
Despite having  been prone to cruelty and sex
There’s no one to heal their wounds

The lust for the female body
Brings up a man here
What has that soul been through
Does anyone ever care??

Lying dead on her bed
She wishes to be back home
But wait my dear body
You need to be tortured more
From where will I pay back my bills
To be again back  home

And my preety body
Its time to earn more
Since you are losing your beauty
The job won’t last long

Having trapped in victious cycle
Their terrific life ends here
Are replaced by the new ones
To fulfill the demands here

They are hurt, bleed cry and laugh
Just like we all do
Then why make paid rape legalised
If we won’t let our own daughters do