Propose to Marry a V.I Girl and celebrate your disability today!

This Sunday, on December 1, I visited a blind couple, Shiv Sharma and Mita Gupta, married last year and blessed with a daughter almost a month back. There two more couples had also come to bless the newly born. One couple was Mamta Sharma, employed with SBI at Ludhiana and her husband Mandeep Garg, a P.O with PNB. The second couple was Jaspreet, a teacher married to Vikram, again a teacher; with their 8 months daughter. They had their car and drivers.

It was remarkable to see three couples, managing themselves so efficiently, dispelling the common belief that at least one of the partners should be sighted. More striking was to know from the host that next Sunday four more couples are due to visit them to bless the child.

Such gatherings are a real inspiration and motivation for all.

It is high time that the parents of the V.I Girls come to terms and accept the reality to marry off their V.I daughter to a V.I boy. They will save their boys and girls from becoming an emotional wreck!!!  No caste considerations!

A K Dua