Our Teacher, an inspiration

As we all know that happiness and sadness goes along with us in every sphere of life, but some spheres of life are unbelievable that we can’t even explain that what we are feeling at that time . This was my first amazing and unbelievable experience of Bengaluru on Asia Pacific Social Work Conference 2019 (APSWC). We were 10 students , we went to Gurudwara (Sri Guru Singh Sabha) Bengaluru and we all stayed in a single room and enjoyed each other’s company a lot . Between that duration, we all got attached emotionally and on the last day we all were so upset for being parted our ways. All the credit goes to Monica mam because without her’s blessings this was impossible. My heartly thanks to my Monica mam, who not only went there in the conference , but also gave us her precious time and told us the ways how to interact with the delegates . She always stands for her students. She does not care whether she is busy or not. She gives her priority to her students. This was our first time interaction with the foreigners and delegates from 30+ different countries around the globe. We exchanged our cultural values with each other. We learnt a lot in this conference. Really a wonderful experience over their which will help us out in the field of our social work career. Now at this time after attending the (APSWC), we are in much confidence that we can take any challenge and we can achieve that in a positive way. Really amazing experience that I am desperately excited for the upcoming conference in Ranchi. Thank you so much Monica mam. It is my pleasure to have teacher like you in my life


Regards, Priya Sethi