Miracle Medicines Galore! What cost to your Health?

Each day through the TV, Print and Social Media, we are enticed into believing the miraculous healing capacities of wonder drugs, being produced by quacks and so called pharmacies. Several claim to give you a robust health, others promise to end your addictions to alcohol and smoking – within a week; still others promise you painless joints and knees. On our greatest messenger – Whatsapp – we suddenly find wonder drug for cancer and learn about the wonders of limestone, wheatgrass and many other supplements to tone up our health. Multinationals are also in the fray, with wonder capsules, to get you rid of all ailments. These capsules claim to contain cod liver oil, garlic or some other spices and oils.

Pharmaco- vigilance or clinical research of these substances is unheard of! Under the garb of traditional medicine; quacks and MNC Mafia, seem to get away with their unscrupulous practices. There is no agency to warn us about the ill effects of these substances, which might contain heavy metals, etc.

High time, we demand the authorities to certify such substances; like BIS, EGMARK or any other suitable authentication!!!