Abandoned Children- The ones left uncared for

A million dollar happiness
For child to be born
Sparkling eyes awaiting
For child to be born

A few minutes left
For child to be born
Heart beats faster
For child to be born

Nine months patience
About to be over
As today was the day
For child to be born

Already a room decorated
For child to be born
A number of toys gathered
For child to be born

But what comes out
Was completely unexpected
A physically challenged child
Was it the child for us to be born ??

All smiling faces
Turned into sadness
Felt the sense of shame
For disabled child born

Entered into confusion
For what to do
As at their place
A defected piece was born

The innocent child
Smiles at the parents
Unaware of his fate
Loves his parents

Should be thrown in bin
Or left at crowdy place
Or leave him at the temple
Or an orphange

10 days were enough
To give a thought
For deciding the child’s place
Where his future was

Was it a childs fault
To be born with deformity
And is not cared for
For being gods creativity

For the children with disabilities
Or the girls born
Are always abandoned
For their future unknown

The child is neglected
And looked upon
As stigma on society
And shame to be born

Some are adopted
Or find place in orphanages
While some are unlucky
And are left on streets to roam

Some parents are poor
And cannot pay for treatment
So who’ll pay the bills
For child’s medical treatment

Wishing to have someone
To provide better life
Leave them in orphanges
For all days and night

Deprived of love
From their own parents
They enter into a place
Where they may feel alone

A special child
A deformed fighter
Who needs more love
Is why left alone ??

Princess Fajardo

Written by