A view of unemployed

I have no interest in any political party because whenever we went for an interview they asked for an approch ? I am living in ambala since 25 years but there is no change , nothing will be changed only by making roads , buildings or lightning the whole ambala .. But the main point is employment . there are no jobs in the ambala , whenever we went they asked for an approach if we have approach they welcomed us , if not then they said , we’ll call you later . i am continously trying from the last 3years but everywhere they asked for approach . Timings for the private jobs are of 12 hrs and the salary is aprrox. 7500 to 8000 , from which we have to manage all the expenses of wife , kids , house , bills , fees and so on…. On the other hand , timings for the government jobs are of 8 hours and their salary is approx. 40,000 to 50,000 . government has created so much difference between government jobs and private jobs . according to me , if an educated person is wondering here and there for jobs after that also that person is un-employed , i think that education is useless , there is no benifit of education at all . Right ? Our country will not move forward only with making lights , roads , bulidings etc..like before there were 4 lights and today there are 10 lights it doesn’t matter .. today roads are repaired but within 2,3 months again got destroyed. There is no benifit at all to fight with each other. The real politician is one who thinks every small things for the better future of citizens , especially basic needs like (food , cloth and shelter) . If all the politicians of different party work together for the progress of their nation , i assure you that india will come on the No.1 country..